Commission only PPC Advertising using Google Ads, Google Shopping, Microsoft Ads (Bing) and other Pay Per Click platforms. This risk free, performance based solution means that we pay for all the advertising up front and just invoice for commission on any revenue generated.
This system works for both E-commerce and lead based businesses. For E-commerce businesses we charge commission on sales and for lead based businesses, we charge a fixed cost per lead. There are no other costs.
The Benefits of Commission Only PPC Marketing
No Capital Required

Advertise on every search engine without cost until revenue is achieved. Then just pay a fixed % of the revenue that you have already received.

Unlimited Budget

Maximise your sales and profit with our unlimited budgets on all Search Engines.

Guaranteed Returns

Receive a guaranteed Return on Investment with fixed and pre-agreed commission rates.

Improved Cashflow

All of your advertising costs are paid after your revenue has been received from your customers.

Risk Free

We take on all of the risk associated with your Pay Per Click advertising.

No Agency Fees

There are no monthly management fees. The cost is a agreed fixed % of the revenue directly attributable to our ads, there are no other costs whatsoever.


1 Implement Tracking Code

In order to accurately track the revenue that we bring into your business a small amount of tracking code needs to be inserted into the checkout page of your website. All Pay Per Click platforms provide accurate conversion tracking functionality and we provide all code for your developers to implement.

2 Build Campaigns

Advertising campaigns are built to promote your products in the best way. All product feeds, text ads and shopping campaigns are created and optimised to maximise sales.

3 Deliver Results

Sales originating from our advertising is accurately tracked through the ad platforms used. Commission is calculated and data is used in the optimisation process.

4 Continuous Optimisation

Proactive and reactive optimisation of all campaigns is imperative to continuous growth of sales. Our success is directly linked to your success so its in our interest to maximise your revenue!

Commission Rates vary, based on your Average Order Value, excluding any VAT or local sales tax.
If your product range contains products or product categories of very different values, we can segment your product range accordingly and have different commission rates for different products or categories. These will shown separately on all reports and invoices.

* Commission Rates are based on Order Value excluding any VAT or local sales tax

Average Order Value

Under £60 GBP



Average Order Value

£60 – £100 GBP

Commission Rate

Average Order Value

£100 – £250 GBP

Commission Rate

Average Order Value

£250 – £500 GBP

Commission Rate

Average Order Value

£500 – £1000 GBP

Commission Rate

Average Order Value

Over £1000 GBP

Commission Rate