Project Description

Other Online Marketing Channels

Outside of search platforms, there are numerous other online channels that can now be used to promote your products and services. Identifying which are most relevant and which will be most effective is critical, as is setting up adverts that achieve the maximum return for your investment.

Big Ideas Consulting has investigated and analysed most advertising platforms and as such we are ideally positioned to manage your paid presence on sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Depending upon the sector you operate in, we will advise on the most prosperous platforms and manage your accounts accordingly.

Tracking and regular analysis is an important part of making your campaigns effective and at Big Ideas Consulting all of this is taken care of as part of the process.

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Business Intelligence

Managing, interpreting and presenting data effectively can add significant value and create huge efficiencies. Our analytical expertise has helped businesses transform their complex data into useful and actionable information.  The growth of online and cloud has made measurement more achievable but also more complex.  Our certified and experienced consultants can help support effective and dynamic analysis to aid decision making across the business.

Software/Systems used: Google Data Studio, MS SQL Server, SAS, MS Excel, MS Access.

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