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Performance Related PPC Fee Structures

Our Pay For Performance (P4P) PPC management fee structures align our fees to the performance of our campaigns.  These solutions are completely bespoke and we ensure that all fee structures are commercially viable to your business.  If our Commission Only approach is not available to you due to order value or margin limitations, then a bespoke P4P fee could be the best way forward.

Fee structures will usually be based on Revenue, Leads Generated or Profit as these tend to be the main goal of all businesses. There may be a fixed fee element built in but if this is the case, the fee will still be aligned to the performance of the campaign.

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Examples Of Custom Fee Structures

Revenue 1

Example: Fee = 15% of Revenue Generated

Revenue 2

Example: Fee = £250 + 10% of Revenue Generated


Example: Fee = £300 + 25% of Profit Generated

Revenue & Profit

Example: Fee = 10% of Revenue Generated + 20% of Profit Generated