Project Description

Results Driven and Bespoke

Our PPC Management is focussed to achieve your business goals.  Every business is different and we ensure that our campaigns are bespoke and tailored to your business. Whether it’s Ecommerce or Lead Generation, we have vast experience in developing the most successful commercially focussed PPC Campaigns.

What Does Our PPC Management Include?

Keyword Coverage

Have you included all of the relevant keywords for you products and services? Are you using the correct match types?

Account Structure

Are your Keywords, Ad Groups and Campaigns grouped correctly? Is the account aligned to your website?


What does your performance data tell us? How do your numbers compare to industry benchmarks?

MaxCPC Bids

Are your MaxCPC bids set at the correct level to maximise your sales and Return on Investment? Is the right strategy being used?

Negative Keywords

Are you spending money on clicks that you dont’t want? Are your Negative Keywords structured correctly?

Ad Copy

Are your ads really compelling? Does your ad text compliment your website content and help quality score?

Quality Score

Is your quality score increasing your spend? How can you improve quality score to reduce cost?

Product Feeds

Is your product feed error-free and optimised? Does it maximise the opportunity of Shopping Campaigns?

Account Settings

Have you set Locations, Devices, Schedule and Networks correctly? Can you use these to increase sales?

Budget Allocation

Is the budget allocated correctly to each campaign? Should budget be shifted to increase sales?

Landing Pages

Do all of your ads land on the right pagesof your website? Are they optimised for your campaigns?


Are you using all of the Ad Extensions correctly? Are there other ways to increase exposure?

Comprehensive, bespoke and tailored to your business…..

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